**New Pics** Amazing weekend!! #LondonBarrioFiesta30Years 2014 #Philippines #festival #London

More images added today!! #30thBarrioFiestasaLondon #JuliaBarretto #EnriqueGil #ShainaMagdayao #RayverCruz #GaryValenciano


The Philippine Centre and TFC proudly present the biggest, grandest and most star-studded event of the year!!

Some of the biggest Kapamilya stars from the Philippines performed on both days and certainly didn’t disappoint despite the hot and sunny weather. The event was and has been a great experience and a great success for the organisers compared to 2013 which to be fair took Apps Court Farm by surprise as They’ve never held any event this big and popular before.  This time the organisers were prepared for 2014 and crowd safety and security was the main priority and they got that spot on 🙂

Gone are the days of the silly people setting up huge tents and gazebos, banning umbrellas, segregating the stage viewing areas, very good strict security and crowd control provided by Athena, all the stalls have been very well organised and most importantly the local Police…

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