The #Epic #DixonsRetail RSC #CurrysPCWorld Copa del Rounders #Rematch has finally been concluded and the final result is…..

First of all my apologies for not recently posting updates or photographed any previous games or teams over these past couple weeks. The reason is because I have been waiting for this much anticipated Copa del Rounders REMATCH between The Pests from 2 West vs Computing Cougars which has finally been concluded on very warm Thursday afternoon ( 17/07/2014)! After a controversial first game both sets of players will be eager to prove their worth and claim to be the rightful WINNERS!!


Rounders UK Website click HERE

The Rematch 2 small The Rematch small

The Rematch Posters!!

Featuring :

Magic Morris

Super Meg




The Rematch Result can be found straight after the picture gallery below 🙂

After two innings from each team the final result is…

Computing Cougars = 45  The Pests From 2 West = 27

Congratulations to the winning team = Computing Cougars!!

“Great rematch tonight. Well played on both teams. Cougars man of the match has to go to Gemma Louise Turner for her amazing/effortless one handed fielding! A special recognition to Ian Bignall for his trophy injury, taking one to the stomach at full speed! Well played all!” by Nicola Thody (Team Captain – Computing Cougars) – 17/07/2014.

So a well deserved WIN for the Computing Cougars after some amazing fielding performance!!  Click HERE to view all the images from Flickr.

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