First day at #Wimbledon2014 #Tennis Championships..

Finally had the chance and go through images and upload to share 🙂  This was a day that was a very early start, joined the Wimbledon queue just after 07:15am (late by Wimbledon tennis standards).  Got a little warm and sunny by mid morning and wished i had my brolly to hide from the sun.  Eventually the queue started to move at a pace and by the I actually entered the ground the time was around 12:30PM!! I basically made my round all the courts snapping at every tennis player, celebrity and other interesting things that appeared (including the queue to enter the grounds).

Here’s just a few images of my day at the first day of the All England Lawn Tennis Championships 2014, Wimbledon…

More images available to view from my Flickr photo sharing website.. Click on the link below..


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