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CPN photo of the day

The only reason I take photographs is to try to make a difference to the conservation of animals and habitats. That is why I also keep my photographic trips for [photographing] endangered animals and habitats; to try to shine a light on the issues around this.

Illegal trade and poaching have been one of my main issues for some years now and I recently got the chance to go to China and lecture with my friend Joakim Odelberg (a conservation filmmaker), who I work much with and have the same point of view when it comes to these [conservation] questions. This is the reason why we do this and nothing else.

Together with [photo accessory company] Benro we managed to arrange lectures about poaching and illegal trade and we then invited the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Traffic and Canon. The WWF and Traffic were very happy to work with us on this but Canon China were unable to at the time.

But what makes me glad is seeing photographers who never, or rarely, have done anything for the conservation of species and habitats now getting more interested and doing work for conservation. I hope it is a trend that will continue. We need to work together to make a difference!



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